Karpathos is a fresh and untouched from foreign investors market,a paradise for those who do not follow the main stream and want to be among the first in this beautiful island with a huge potential.


We can offer the highest quality builds that are in accord with the European regulations in cooperation with Karpathos leading construction companies. Investors can rely on our office to supervise their projects from alpha to omega and guarantee that everything is done with care to the last detail.With the help of our professional agents we will help you choose the land or home you desire and guide you throughout the buying stages of the Greek market.


With properties for all budgets starting from on the beach villas, traditional karpathian in the village houses,stone houses,secluded villas with majestic view from the mountains of Karpathos it is easy to find the right properties for all tastes.


Acquisition prices over the past three years have dropped up to 40% and construction prices have dropped up to 20%!!!This means that the time to buy is now.


Words can not describe this island but all you have to do is visit Karpathos and see with your own eyes what we say.