Here are some of the many beautiful churches, monasteries and chapels which are embellishing the island of Karpathos.


The Church of Agios Mamas is located in the beautiful village of Menites, or Menetes, (south-west of Pigadia).It is a superb and big whitewashed church with blue paint underlining its outlines and a dark red round dome.


The church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) is standing in the lovely village of Aperi (north-west of Pigadia).It is dating back to the 6th century and houses an icon of the Virgin Mary which is revered throughout the island of Karpathos because it is believed to be miraculous.


The Church of Agios Onoufrios


The Church of the Assumption.This church is standing in the village of Menetes, or Menites, and was built during the 19th century.It is the most famous church of Karpathos and particularly interesting to see because it has columns which used to belong to the Paleo-Christian basilica of Agia Anastasia that used to stand in the village of Arkassa.Its interior is richly decorated with a magnificent mosaic floor, beautiful icons and frescoes, a superb wooden and carved altar and a valuable iconostasis.



The Church Kimissis tis Theotokou.This church is the largest one in the picturesque village of Olymbos (north of Pigadia).It is an imposing church very richly decorated; its altar is full of golden foil and its walls are wonderfully embellished with astonishing biblical scenes, painted by local artists.This small and lovely church is standing on the top of the peak emerging above the traditional village of Olymbos.The church was built of stone taken from the ruins of a 19th century chapel. From Agios Onoufrios, the view over the village of Olymbos is really breathtaking.


The Church of Ipapandi.This whitewashed church is standing in the village of Arkassa, south-west of Pigadia.It was built during the 19th century and has an impressive bell tower with six heavy bells.This architectural marvel is built among the rocks, location which gives it a unique and magical aspect.


The church of Agia Sofia on Karpathos: The site of the ancient city of Arkesia, now known as Arkassa, presents the ruins of a Christian Basilica belonging to the 5th -6th century A.D. This Christian basilica has been identified to be Agia Sofia and the place is now referred to as the ruins of Agia Sofia. The church of Agia Sofia consists of three large basilicas built one over another and separated by mosaic floors marking the site clearly. The church is assumed to be an early Byzantine creation and is a much-cherished possession for its magnificent and attractive architecture.