The Folklore Museum of Menetes in Karpathos: The beautiful village of Menetes or Menites situated at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level showcases some old hilltop houses and a small folklore museum.

This village is located 8 km from Pigadia or Karpathos, the capital of the island. The village has been inhabited since the 14th century A.D. and has a small Ethnographic museum, which was known as the folklore museum of the village.

The museum displays an interesting collection of archaeological findings, pottery, sculptures and icons from the area. Some remains of the neo-classical buildings or the ancient local church, St. Mamas can also be seen at the museum. The museum exhibits a dramatic setting and the past can be relived in those moments at the museum.



The Folk collections of Olymbos

Those fine collections are taking place in the picturesque and wonderful village of Olymbos. They are organised in order to present the culture and traditions of Olymbos.

Traditional costumes, pictures and various objects and items are exposed here.



Art Center - Karpathos Minas Vlahos painting exhibition

Art center is Minas Vlahos dream, a painter who was born in the island of Karpathos in 1956 and after spending 10 years in the U.S he opened his own studio.

The Art Center is a gallery which combines harmonious music along with Mina's pictures.

The gallery is open from May until end of October every year, where Min'as awaits you in order to answer all your questionsand to present a part of himself through his work.


The Folklore Museum of Othos in Karpathos Greece, Dodecanese: The Folklore Museum of Othos Karpathos is housed in a small ground house in the centre of the village. It is actually named "Nikolaidio Folklore Museum" and its exhibits depict life on the island as it was until few decades ago. In fact, as Karpathos has maintained its traditional character, many of the items inside are actually used even today.

Inside the Folklore Museum of Othos, there are traditonal costumes, old photographs, wooden furniture, cooking utensils, agricultural tools, musical instruments and many other exhibits. Tthere are also some wax statues that represent people of Karpathos wearing costumes, doing the housework or playing music.