Karpathos is famous for its fine traditional architecture that can still be seen in many houses filling the picturesque mountainous villages.

The traditional Karpathian house experienced many influences by the way of life of the inhabitants of the island; for example, during the 16th century up to the 19th century locals were mostly occupied with livestock feeding, fishing and agriculture and their homes were built according to their occupations.

The traditional village house evolved into the type that we can

see today, as a result of various changes coming from the needs of the family.


The space in the house was used as much as possible and everything was built and arranged in according to The first houses used to be one-storey and were enlarged with more floors and balconies later. The windows are long and their outline is made of wood.

Another type of architectural style that visitors will find in Karpathos is similar to the Cycladic one: small cubic whitewashed houses with bright coloured doors and shutters and flat roofs.

Those two different architectural styles are blended together in harmony, along with the beautiful churches and the lovely whitewashed chapels with their colorful round domes.

see today, as a result of various changes coming from the needs of the family.

necessity and practicality.The houses were built with heavy carved stones, in an austere architecture, contrasting with the rich and elegant decoration of the interior consisting of various hand-made items such as fine embroideries and woven carpets.

The most impressive building in Karpathos is the Province House, in Pigadia, which is a blend of traditional and modern style.