Karpathos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Sandy or pebbled, with emerald water, they meet all tastes. Many of them, especially on the south western coast, are ideal for windsurfing and an international windsurfing competition is held there every summer.

The beaches of Karpathos island can be divided into four large groups: the beaches on the east coast are smaller and gravelly but without wind; the beaches of the southern part of the island, near the airport, area made of fine white sand; the sandy beach on the west coast are the most exposed to the Meltemi and they are only available in low wind conditions; the beaches of the north of the island, accessible only by sea and partly by a jeep.

  • East Coast - Amoopi, Karpathos Beach, Achata, Kato Latos (reachable only by foot), Apella.

  • South Coast - Damatria, Diakoftis, Devils Bay, Agrilaopotamos (nude beach).

  • West Coast - Finiki, Arkasa Leucadius.

  • North Coast - Diafani, Vananda, Forokli



Apella Beach: The white sandy beach of Apella is located near the village of the same name, 15 kilometers north of Pigadia. The beach is coil up in a picturesque cove and has fine white sand, boarding the azure and incredibly clean sea.

It is quite difficult to reach this beach by car or motorbike; the beat way is by boats, leaving regularly from the harbor of Pigadia. Pine trees are blended with the rocks surrounding the beach, forming a beautiful image. There are no rentals or any kind of accommodations in this magical bay.


Kyra Panagia Beach: This beautiful beach is lying in a cove between the mountains and has a fine mixture of white sand and smooth pebbles, and crystalline waters. It is close to Apella beach, 14 kilometers north-east of Pigadia.It is reachable by car, motorbike or boat (leaving from Pigadia). A few rooms and apartments as well as a hotel and a tavern are standing on Kyra Panagia. Umbrellas and sun beds are available for rent.



Achata Beach: Achata is wonderful and quiet beach with white pebble and sand. It is located close to the beach of Agia Panagia, a few kilometres north-east of Pigadia. Achata is easy to reach by car or motorbike.


It is lying in an idyllic cove, surrounded by mountains and verdant vegetation.The waters on Achata have an amazing and attractive emerald-green color. A small tavern is standing on the beach, which has no rentals or accommodations.



Mikri Ammoopi Beach: The area of Ammoopi is located south-west of Pigadia, in a bay and offers 3 sandy beaches.

Small Ammoopi is at a short walking distance from big Ammoopi and has fine sand with azure waters, taverns, sun beds and umbrellas are available.




Votsalakia Beach: Megali Amopi or Votsalakia is popular among families with children because the water is shallow. Umbrellas and sun beds are available for rent as well as all kinds of accommodations, a supermarket and some taverns. A bus leaving from Pigadia is serving Megali Amopi.


Afoti Beach: Afoti is a nice sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds near the capital of the island. In fact, it is the second beach of the three beaches consecutive of Pigadia, along with Ammos-Xenonas and Vrontis. There are plenty of restaurants and taverns in the area, so there is no need to worry about food or drinks.



Agios Nikolaos (Spoa) Beach: Agios Nikolaos is a lovely place on the north eastern side of Karpathos, only 4 km from the village of Spoa. This is a picturesque beach with crystal water and really calm atmosphere. As it is surrounded by imposing mountains, the beach is protected from strong winds and provides a safe place for swimming.

Delicious fish taverns line up the beach and few places to stay can be found in the region. Generally the surrounding sea is great for fishing and diving. A boat from Agios Nikolaos will bring you to totally secluded beaches where you can enjoy all the privacy you need in your holidays.

To go to Agios Nikolaos, drive the asphalt from Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos, with north direction on the east side until you reach the village of Spoa. There turn down and right where you will reach Agios Nikolaos through a gorgeous scenery with greenery and sea view



Pera Ammos Beach: Pera Ammos is a beautiful sandy beach with relatively shallow waters which make it ideal for families. It is separated from Votsalakia Beach by a small peninsula. In case you need anything, there are many taverns, restaurants and shops in the area, on the road along the beach.


Being at the area, you can also visit the church of Agioi Apostoloi built in a cave called Xetrypiti.


Argilaopotamos Beach: Argilaopotamos is beautiful beach with white sand and shallow waters and great waves making it ideal for surfing. It is on the south-west coast of Karpathos and offers a view to the neighboring island of Kassos. As for facilities, there is a canteen for all the necessary supplies.

To get there, you need to take the road to the airport, turn on a dirt-road and continue for about 3 km.



Arkassa Beach: Arkassa is also known as Agios Nikolaos Beach. It is a beautiful sandy beach, but needs attention not to get drift by the waves. It is one of the best beaches of the island for body surfing -there are always big waves. You must be a good swimmer to swim here and you should avoid the left side of the beach as there are markers in the water for currents. As for facilities, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, as well as a tavern near the beach. It is reachable by car or by bus from Pigadia.


Christou Pigadi Beach: Christou Pigadi means "Christ's Well" and took its name because there is water springing from a rock at the beach. In fact there are two adjacent beaches at the area; a long one and a smaller one, both sandy and of unique natural beauty. As for facilities, there is a canteen offering all you need for a comfortable day on the beach, and sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent.

It is reachable by taking the road to the airport and turning left on a dirt road following the signs.



Damatria Beach: Damatria is a beautiful sand-and-pebble beach with shallow emerald waters on the south-east coast of Karpathos, ideal for families. On the left side of the shore, you will find some more isolated small beaches.

It is reachable by road, taking the road to the Airport and turning left on a dirt road for about 1 km.


Diakoftis Beach: Diakoftis is located 21 km from Pigadia, the capital of Karpathos. The magnificent landscape is the main reason that one should definitely visit this beach. The white golden sand and the emerald waters is a combination that has created an exotic natural scenery. The access to the beach is easy. Drive from Pigadia and take the road to Arkasa, then turn left and follow the road along the runway to the airport (about 6km). The route requires patience but the striking beauty of this place will compensate you. However, if you turn right at the junction you will meet different bays with beaches that are equally beautiful.



Finiki Beach: The lovely coastal settlement of Finiki, 21 kilometers away from Pigadia, on the western coast of Karpathos, has a fine sandy beach with crystalline waters. Accommodations, cafes and taverns are available at the village.



Lefkos Beach: Lefkos beach is located in the mid west part of the island, 31 km from Pigadia, the capital of the island and 17 km from Arkasa. Basically this long beach consists of three coves with white sandy beaches and crystalline waters.

Along the coastline, you will also see Panagias Limani, a small sandy beach rather isolated. Fragolimniona is the largest beach you will meet in Lefkos which is very well-organized located across the islet of Sokastro. Gialou is the most popular beach in the region. The resort of Lefkos has many accommodation options and delicious taverns. It is surrounded by short vegetation which provides shade during the warm summer months.


Psoraris Beach: Psoraris is located southwest of the island, 19 km from Pigadia. It is a secluded beach with absolutely no facilities, like kantines, umbrellas, sundecks or even drinkable water. It is an ideal destination for those who don't like crowded beaches and want to enjoy the peacefulness and the wild beauty of the rocky landscape with the crystal clear waters. The surrounding region is rocky and has very short vegetation. You go to this beach with private means, as public transport doesn't go there.




Valias Beach: Valias is a long pebble beach with deep waters on the south-east coast of Karpathos. The strong winds blowing in the area make it suitable for wind-surfing. There are umbrellas, sunbeds and drinking water on the beach, as well as a couple of restaurants in the close area.

In fact, there are two adjacent beaches in the area of Valias; the second one is called Pounta. It is reachable by taking the road to the airport and turning left at a dirt-road just before the airport.


Vrontis Beach: Vrontis is a sand-and pebble beach easily accessible due to its proximity to the town of Karpathos. In fact, it is the last of the three consecutive beaches of Pigadia and the largest beach on the island. As for facilities, there are umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach, as well as a number of restaurants and taverns in the area.