Karpathos (Greek: Κάρπαθος) is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Together with the neighboring smaller Saria Island it forms the municipality Karpathos, which is part of the Karpathos regional unit. From its remote position Karpathos has preserved many peculiarities of dress, customs and dialect, the last resembling those of Crete and Cyprus. The island has also been called Latin: Carpathus, Italian: Scarpanto, Turkish: Kerpe.



The island is located about 47 kilometers southwest of Rhodes, in the part of theMediterranean which is called, after it, the Carpathian Sea (Latin: Carpathium Mare). The Sea of Crete, a sub-basin of the Mediterranean Sea, has its eastern limit defined by the island of Karpathos.[2] Karpathos highest point is Mt. Lastos, at 1,215 meters (3,986 ft). Karpathos comprises 10 villages. All villages preserve intensively the traditional style of the island. In the southeast of the island you can find Pigadia (official name Karpathos), capital and main port of the island. The capital is surrounded by the villages of Menetes, Arkasa, Aperi, Volada, Othos, and Pyles. In the North one can find Mesochori, Spoa and Olymbos the last village in the North of the island, of great folkloric and architectural interest. There are two ports in the island; one is in the town of Karpathos and the other in the north of the island next to Olympos named Diafani.


Karpathos is one more wonderful Greek island that has a great history and has maintained it's customs and traditions. It is an island that offers great experiences during the holidays and many has choices to explore and discover the magic and beauty that is abundant here in the Aegean Sea.


The island is located in the Karpathian Sea, between Crete and Rhodes, and is the second largest island in the Dodecanese after Rhodes. It is also an important ecosystem as it is an intermediate stop for emigrating birds.


Karpathos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands with wild beauty that is depicted at every place on the island. It is a destination with great diversity - the tall mountains with the steep ravines and gorges, the valleys and water springs with the fresh water, the deep caves with the stalactites and the wonderful beaches with the crystal blue waters, along with the picturesque villages - all these create a wonderful setting for tranquil and rewarding vacations.


Karpathos or Pigadia as its also known is the capital town and main port of the island. The name Pigadia relates to the fact that in past years there used to be many wells (pigadia) located here. The cave of Poseidon, the chapel of Panagia, the Pefkodasos (Pine forest) are just a few of the beautiful sites you can visit and experience while visiting Karpathos.


The villages’ authenticity, the warm hospitality, the respect and closure to the traditions and customs of the place, the traditional architecture and decoration of the houses, all hold together the character of this island and the traditions are relived at every occasion and at traditional events.

Karpathos is an island that offers everything you could need for a rewarding and enjoyable holiday. It is a paradise of natural beauty and is well organized in order to offer all the modern comforts and amenities without losing any of its charm and authenticity.

Whilst in Karpathos you will have the chance to sample local products and why not to purchase some for home. You must try the home made noodles (Hylopites), makarounes and sweets such as Baklavas, loukoumades and sousamomelo (sesame honey) that is offered in abundance in weddings.